Rainbow Con I

Welcome to RainbowCon I, the first incarnation of the Creativity and Music housecon at Rainbow's End in West Seattle! Con membership is $10/person for the weekend. [Note for next year: if you preregister at the con, it's free!]

Our guest of honor from North America is Canadian bard Decadent Dave Clement. From abroad, we are privileged to have Tim Walker and Annie Walker here from the UK. Most programming is participatory and experiential -- nobody will stop you if you choose to just listen, but we will be emphasizing activities where all are welcome to get actively involved.

The programming schedule is attached below. There will be a con suite under the management of Colleen Savitzky, and a dealer's table for anyone who wishes to sell their music, crafts or other creative works. For the dealer's table, we'd like to make it original work only, please... anything that you (or some individual who sends you as their representative) wrote, crafted, recorded, etc. is great, but we just don't have space for booksellers with hundreds of titles, etc.

There is hotel space within a 5-minute walk at the Grove, West Seattle's small, midrange hotel. If you stay there, please tell them that you're with RainbowCon; it will help us get a room block at discount next year!

There are three scheduled slots for workshops. These are being run on an "Unconference" basis. We will post, at the start of the convention, a whiteboard list of everything we can think of which we can/want to teach; we will also post anything any guest offers to teach. (We will post ideas guests would like to learn, if there is anybody available who can teach it and is willing to do so.) At the opening ceremonies, once all the ideas are gathered, we'll vote on which ones get actually taught in the three time-slots available. It is possible that more than three ideas will be chosen, and we'll divide, running more than one workshop at once in different locations. All workshops are scheduled opposite other programming, for those who are not interested in the subject being taught.

If you would like to offer to teach a workshop in any subject of your choice, either put it on the whiteboard when you arrive, or contact us in advance and tell us what you're offering to teach. We'll put it up for you. (Useful if you can't get there in time for opening ceremonies Friday.)

RainbowCon I Programming Schedule!

Friday (4/29):

4:00 PM Opening Ceremonies and Workshop Selection (TM Naomi)
5:00 PM Millennium's Dawn: (Introductions and Beginnings theme circle)
6:00 PM Dinner break
7:30 PM Concert #1 sound check
8:00 PM Guest of Honor Concert #1 - Dave Clement
Poker chip circle (until whenever)

Saturday (4/30):

10:00 AM Crafter's Circle (bring your own project or grab materials from our stock stock)
12 noon Build-a-Dragon (collaborative imagination game run by Steven Schwartz) 90min
12 noon Workshop #1 (subject matter chosen during the opening ceremonies)
1:00 PM Theme Circle: Traveling songs (moderated by Dave)
2:00 PM Theme Circle: No Followers (moderated by Tim Walker... mercilessly!)
3:00 PM Workshop #2 (subject matter chosen during the opening ceremonies) 90min
3:00 PM Cat (roleplaying game with feline characters, run by Steven Schwartz)
4:30 PM Stan Rogers concert/singalong (Dave and Tim)
5:30 PM Critiqued One-Shots
6:30 PM Dinner break
8:00 PM Concert #2: Tim and Annie Walker
Ball of Twine Chaos Circle (until whenever)


10:00 AM Ecumenifilk (Spiritual/philosophical song circle, moderated by Annie)
11:00 PM Drum Circle - Dave Clement
12 noon Surprise event - Maypole Dance
1:00 AM Workshop #3
2:00 PM Jam (Instrumental chaos extremely loosely coordinated by Tim and Dave)
3:00 PM Requests/Teaching Circle (ask for songs you want to hear, or learn)
4:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
5:00 PM Dinner expedition (group outing to an eatery chosen by the participants)
7:30 PM Millennium's Dusk (dead dog circle, loosely moderated chaos)