Rainbow's End

A Place For Music

The residents of Rainbow's End are delighted to announce...

2017 April 28 - 30: Rainbow Con II

North American GoHs: Trickster and King (Ada Palmer and Lauren Schiller)
Trans-Atlantic GoH: Alexa Klettner

2016 April 29 - May 01: Rainbow Con I!

North American Guest: Dave Clement
Trans-Atlantic Guests: Tim and Annie Walker

A Household in West Seattle

You see a pile of construction debris, with a signpost stuck in the middle bearing signs pointing in all directions. A large Cheshire cat sits on a packing crate calmly sipping a cup of tea.

Rainbow's End is a two-family household in West Seattle, WA; home to seven guitars, six filkers, five adult family members, three guinea pigs, two cats, two kids, an occasional boyfriend, and an unknown number of computers that seem to multiply in dark corners.

Rainbow Bridge

We are devastated to report that one of our cats, the beloved Curio, has become the first member of our household to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Some of our memories of him can be found here on his memorial page.