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Rainbow Con II

ANNOUNCEMENT: Rainbowcon II, originally scheduled for 2017, was postponed for multiple reasons, the main one being that we sold the venue out from under it. Our guests will return in a future con; we're just not certain which one(s?) at this point.

Our wonderful international GoH is Alexa Klettner, a silver-voiced German filker whom some of you will remember from OVFF 2015, where she was the Interfilk Guest. She's a singer-songwriter who composes in two languages and translates others' work as well, and her English version of "My Berlin" is quickly becoming a standard in the filk community.

Our North American GoHs are Trickster & King, aka Ada Palmer and Lauren Schiller (the currently traveling version of Sassafras). Their "Somebody Will" is a frequent finalist for the Pegasus award; their complex contrapuntal pyrotechnics consistently amaze, and they've done an extraordinary, full-length operatic version of the Norse legends. In addition, Ada has a novel, _Too Like the Lightning_, coming out this May!

Please come join us!! To register, contact Nora Rivkis on the Book of Faces, or email to nrivkis at Ya. Hoo. Preregistration is free until at least the end of May, in honor of Ada's book.