The Rainbow Caravan

A Place For Music

The residents of Rainbow's End are delighted to announce...

2019 May 10-12: RainbowCon 3

Guests of honor: Jen Carlson Midkiff and Tim Griffin;
Toasters: Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Padol.

A Household in Freeland and Seattle

You see a pile of construction debris, with a signpost stuck in the middle bearing signs pointing in all directions. A large Cheshire cat sits on a packing crate calmly sipping a cup of tea.

The Rainbow Caravan is a two-family household, currently located on Whidbey Island (the Rainbow's North End) and Seattle.

Rainbow Bridge

We are devastated to report that one of our cats, the beloved Curio, became the first member of our household to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Some of our memories of him can be found here on his memorial page.