The Rainbow Caravan

A Place For Music

The people of the Rainbow Caravan regretfully announce...

canceled due to plague. RainbowCon 4 Decadent Dave Clement and Alexa Klettner.
COVID-19 and the associated lockdowns and travel restrictions kept pushing it out too far, until it bumped into our moving plans. The new owners of Rainbow's End North may restart RainbowCon, so keep an eye out.

A Household in Freeland and Seattle

You see a pile of construction debris, with a signpost stuck in the middle bearing signs pointing in all directions. A large Cheshire cat sits on a packing crate calmly sipping a cup of tea. Looked at closely she seems rather insubstantial, finally fading to reveal a tortoise-shell cat curled up on the crate. Because cat.

The Rainbow Caravan is a two-family household, currently living in Seattle. The house on Whidbey Island (the Rainbow's North End) is in the process of changing hands.

Rainbow Bridge

As time goes on, we keep losing household members, and we want the universe to know that we want this process to STOP. The universe, unfortunately, isn't listening. On the Rainbow Bridge page you will find memorial pages for our lost cats, Curio and Desti, and our beloved Cheshire cat, Colleen.

May we meet again at the other end of the rainbow.