The Rainbow Bridge A rainbow bridge with guard rails, arching up into the
    sky.  There are dogs, and a cat, playing in the grass near the near end.

We are really hoping that this page will stay short for a long, long time.

The Legend

In Norse mythology, the realm of the gods was reached by crossing a rainbow bridge called Bifröst. It was the route by which the Valkyries carried fallen warriors to Valhalla, where they spend their days fighting and their nights feasting. It's a lot like the SCA.

In more recent times, a beautiful prose poem (written in 1959 by Edna Clyne-Rekhy -- its authorhip was unknown until 2023) attached the legend to departed pets. In that version, pets wait in a beautiful land "just this side of Heaven". They are healthy and happy, but there is one thing missing. Every so often a pet will look up: a dog will sniff the air; a cat's ears will twitch. Their favorite person has come at last, and after a joyful reunion they cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

I prefer to think that my cat, Curio, has already gone across, and is mooching table scraps from the vikings in Valhalla while he waits. There are many of us who love him; he'll find each of us when we arrive.

No matter what you believe in, it's a good story, and our house sits at one end of the rainbow. What's at the other, we can only imagine.

From Rainbow's End

Curio: July 15, 2015
We were devastated when one of our cats, our beloved Curio, became the first member of our household to cross the Rainbow Bridge. The house just isn't the same without our Pretty Boy. Our memories and pictures of him are here Well, the pictures aren't quite ready yet.
Karen Colleen Savitzky: July 12, 2021
Steve's wife of 45 years, known to the filk community as "Mama Con" or "Mama Colleen", in the SCA as "Mistress Colleen Elizabeth de Cassis", and sometimes among her friends as "The Cheshire Cat" or "Turbo Snail", passed away in the early hours of the morning on July 12th, 2021. "...and vanished, leaving nothing but a grin."
Desti July 30, 2023
Destra, the beautiful pocket panther who found us at Cat City the same day as Curio, has joined him on the other end of the Rainbow Bridge. Bold and affectionate, she would greet any stranger, sit on anyone's lap, and lick any hand she found in front of her. Our household's incarnation of Bast has gone back to her goddess, leaving us bereft.

Other Times, Other Places

Here you will find memorials from before we moved to Rainbow's end, and (a long time from now, we hope) for family members we love who don't live close enough to be part of the household.

Amethyst Rose Savitzky: August 4, 1990
Colleen and Steve's stillborn middle daughter. She has a cat now. She also has a song, "For Amy".
Shirley Weinland Hentzell: January 20, 1999
Colleen's Mom.
Dr. Abraham H. Savitzky: February 5, 1999
Steve's Dad.
Evelyn R. Savitzky: October 20, 2020
Steve's Mom.