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Rainbow Con I

Program Book and original schedule

Con Report - Saturday (4/30):

Opening ceremonies got off to a slightly late start thanks to Big Bertha, and the voting for workshop selection didn't actually finish until after Dave's concert. (Which kicked serious butt, which is what one would expect from Dave.) (So did Colleen's con suite.) We're off to a good start.

Workshop selection was done using poker chips and paper bags -- everyone got one blue chip for their choice of 90-minute workshop, and two others for their choices for 60-minute workshops. There was a pretty even split between two popular choices for the 90, so we decided to do them both in parallel (and in parallel with one of the games).

Revised Schedule - Saturday and Sunday

Saturday (4/30):

10:00 AM Crafter's Circle (bring your own project or grab materials from our stock stock)
12 noon Build-a-Dragon (collaborative imagination game run by Steven Schwartz) 90min
12 noon Workshop #1 - Sensitive Percussion
1:00 PM Theme Circle: Traveling songs (moderated by Dave)
2:00 PM Theme Circle: No Followers (moderated by Tim Walker... mercilessly!)
3:00 PM Workshop #2a - Sea Shanties
3:00 PM Workshop #2b - Kitting Out Your Home Studio on the Cheap
3:00 PM Cat (roleplaying game with feline characters, run by Steven Schwartz)
4:30 PM Stan Rogers concert/singalong (Dave and Tim)
5:30 PM Critiqued One-Shots - sign up at the reg table
6:30 PM Dinner break
8:00 PM Concert #2: Tim and Annie Walker
Ball of Twine Chaos Circle (until whenever)


10:00 AM Ecumenifilk (Spiritual/philosophical song circle, moderated by Annie)
11:00 PM Drum Circle - Dave Clement
12 noon Surprise event - Maypole Dance
1:00 PM Workshop #3 - Voice and Harmony
2:00 PM Jam (Instrumental chaos extremely loosely coordinated by Tim and Dave)
3:00 PM Requests/Teaching Circle (ask for songs you want to hear, or learn)
4:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
5:00 PM Dinner expedition (group outing to an eatery chosen by the participants)
7:30 PM Millennium's Dusk (dead dog circle, loosely moderated chaos)